About Mandavilla Properties

Mandavilla Properties are consist of five properties. Each villa has its own unique decors, views, privacy and beautiful landscape.

We name each villa after the flowers on the properties.

Ylang Ylang and Ginger Thomas were built simultaneously in 2005. We constructed the houses by using the same Blue print of the floor plan. These houses were completed and welcome our first guests in 2006.

Mandavilla and Mandavilla Rose were built in 1998. This structure took two years to completed. Each floor has its own private entrance and walkway to the pool deck. The house was built terraced with hand made rock walls down the slope of the hill. The view of the ferry port and the town of Cruz Bay are just simply amazing. We had lived on each floor while renting out other until 2014.

Lastly is Alexandra cottage. We name it after our daughter and It was Tara’s idea to build it in 2014. It was completed within the same year. It has some special features like an indoor/outdoor shower and a larger window at the foot of the king size heavenly bed making it a nature lovers dream to wake up in the morning to an amazing view of ten surrounding cays and natural preserve vegetation. We had so much fun during the building process of the cottage.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay as we carefully designed for your comfort and view from every corner of these properties.